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Original Bento Box: Classic - Kawaii Pink

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If you're looking for a very convenient and stylish lunch box for your lunches...
You can trust Umami. the one truly dependable bento brand!

Our philosophy:
Make products for everyday use that encourage sharing. a healthy diet. respect the environment and limit waste.

Our commitment:
We donate 1% of our annual turnover to environmental organizations. it is our responsibility as a “1% for the Planet” brand. Talking about the environment is good. but doing something about it is better!

Your UMAMI lunch box includes:
Includes 1 sauce pot
Includes 3 pieces of cutlery
Includes 2 meal prep containers

Important - How to use:
- To easily open a compartment. slightly pull the silicone seal before pulling the lid.
- Closing: to ensure that a compartment is sealed. slightly pull on the silicone seal while pushing the lid down to let the air out.
- The pot for sauce/dressing should be placed in the lower compartment only. push well on the lid while slightly pulling the seal to close it.
- Microwave: only use for reheating already cooked food. not for cooking raw food. 3 minutes maximum. 210°F/100°C maximum. place the compartments open or with the lid on top without closing it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Vilius Cepaitis

Convenient and stylish

Lauren LiretteLauren Lirette
Best Lunch Box for all the things

This lunch box is the perfect size for every meal. And the convenience of all the dividers and little sauce containers is wonderful. If it’s a salad you don’t want getting soggy or meals for the kids that they don’t want the food to touch the is the perfect choice!

Patricia Scroxton
Very Cute and Well made

can’t really rate how the container is i bought it for a christmas gift. my best friend loved the gift though since she meal preps all her meals. the container space was well made

Good lunch box

It help to get the luch separate and organized

Myra Nkansa
Super Cute!

The media could not be loaded.  Overall the product is really cute and packaged nicely, and convenient for packing multiple foods. However the small condiment containers are not completely leakproof and it is a bit hard to put all the pieces of the box back together. I would not say it is convenient time-wise, but if you do have time on your hands this is perfect for everyday use.