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Using your Umami Bento Lunch Box

Using your Umami Bento Lunch Box

Your Umami Bento Lunch box has an innovative and simple system to keep the food airtight and water tight. We also wanted to share some tips on how to use your bento box so you can keep it for a long time. 


 Making your Lunchbox Airtight (and water tight) 

Making bento box airtight

To make your bento box watertight gently pull the silicon valve before closing the lid. Then once the lid is closed push the valve back in. This secures the lid in place and makes it airtight. 

Then to open the bento box, repeat the step; i.e. gently pull the silicon valve and the lid will come off without problems. 


Reheating Your Meal in a Microwave Oven

how to use a bentobox in microwave

Umami Bento boxes are designed to sustain a maximum of 3 minutes in a Microwave oven. This is enough to reheat your food. Do not exceed 3 minutes as the high temperatures could damage the plastic. 

Do not use your bento box to cook food in a microwave oven, it is only designed to reheat already cooked foods. 

Never use a plastic bento box in a conventional oven no matter the temperature. 


Single Container or Double Container

Your lunchbox is designed to work as a single container lunch box or double container. When using your lunchbox as a single container lunchbox, attach the strap on the longer side. When using both containers put the strap on the shorter side. 
single container bento box or double container


Sauce Jar / Mini Container

The sauce jar or mini container fits is designed to fit in the bottom compartment only. Close the lid firmly and place is in the bottom container to keep your sauce separate. And don't forget to take it out before you heat your food to avoid your sauce getting heated. Unless you intend it to warm up as well, and in that case ensure you open the lid. 

special sauce container for umami bento boxes