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Original Bento Box: Classic - Matt Black Duo Set

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If you're looking for a very convenient and stylish lunch box for your lunches...
You can trust Umami. the one truly dependable bento brand!

Our philosophy:
Make products for everyday use that encourage sharing. a healthy diet. respect the environment and limit waste.

Our commitment:
We donate 1% of our annual turnover to environmental organisations. it is our responsibility as a “1% for the Planet” brand. Talking about the environment is good. but doing something about it is better!

Your UMAMI lunch box includes:
- 2 hermetic compartments. 20 oz. each
- 2 removable dividers
- 2 lids with silicone seals
- 1 top bamboo style lid
- 3 robust cutlery pieces
- 1 cutlery holder
- 1 fixing elastic band
- and 1 small sauce pot

Important - How to use:
- To easily open a compartment. slightly pull the silicone seal before pulling the lid.
- Closing: to ensure that a compartment is sealed. slightly pull on the silicone seal while pushing the lid down to let the air out.
- The pot for sauce/dressing should be placed in the lower compartment only. push well on the lid while slightly pulling the seal to close it.
- Microwave: only use for reheating already cooked food. not for cooking raw food. 3 minutes maximum. 210°F/100°C maximum. place the compartments open or with the lid on top without closing it.

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